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Re: to Ann Re: Physical Therapist

Posted by Nancy T. on 9/11/99 at 00:00 (010860)

Ann: I was just so lucky to have been referred to my Physical Therapist by my Ortho Surgeon, and did not have to hunt for one when I was involved in auto accident 3 years ago. I was so bad at that time that I could not stand, lay or sit, and was desperate for help. While waiting to be called for 1st appt in waiting room, he came to door and asked me if I was hit broadsided (which I was), and he KNEW just by the way I was sitting in office chair waiting. (I was all pushed to one side.) If you have an Ortho, ask him for a recommendation. Word of mouth is probably the best way to find a good one. I cannot believe the way he has helped me with this PF thing. Although my ankles are taped, and have to remain taped until tomorrow (2 days) I can feel my feet, ankles and legs being pulled back to where they belong. It is forcing me to walk the way I should instead of on the outsides of my feet. (Thus causing PF!).To anyone who has or had back problems(hip, etc) I strongly recommend seeing a PT to see if he can resolve those problems along with PF. One may not even know if they have backproblems and has become accustomed to the ache that goes with lower back. Please feel free to ask any questions if I can be of further help.