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orthotics and TTS

Posted by wendyn on 9/15/99 at 00:00 (010984)

I got my first pair of orthotics about 8 years ago. Following bunion surgery I quit wearing them, but I can't remember why. 2 years ago I had a very nasty case of PF, and got some new sport orthotics which I was wearing religiously even last year when my TTS started. They were a rigid 3/4 length sport orthotic. In July of this year, following 8 months of misery, I replaced them with a semi-rigid sport orthotic made by someone else. I noticed an improvement in my feet with the new orthotics, and an even more marked improvement this week wearing Birks. I am starting to wonder if in my case, the orthotics may have been too high - and perhaps causing my problem? Don't know - we will wait and see.

Right now though, the swelling is right down in my foot, and I can actually touch along the Tarsal Tunnel area - something I would not have even considered doing last week. Only time will tell - but wouldn't it be wonderful if this were my answer?!?!?!?!?