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Icing and surgery

Posted by Lori S on 9/17/99 at 00:00 (011031)

John, I had regular 2/3 release and bone spur removal. I have a 1 inch scar. It's been over 16 weeks. I have NO swelling at all but have noticed that icing at night for 15 minutes or so helps my feet feel better the next day. I only had swelling for a week or so but it wasn't bad. I was not allowed to put weight on it for 3 weeks as I also had the bone spur removal and that weakened the heel. My Dr. does epf surgery as well but I wasn't a candidate for it. My spur was pretty big (the other one is big as well). I've suffered with PF for over 10 years so that might have made the damage more intense.
I also like to put my feet up whenever possible. We walked the mall tonight and my ankles are a bit sore as well as my foot. I'm not taking any meds at all for pain. I only take aloe vera capsules and Metabolife now. I have taken meds in the past which caused an ulcer.
I believe the accupuncture has helped my other foot a lot. I go back to the Dr. on Tuesday for a check up.
Lori in AZ