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Hmmm---is it just me or is Robin the one who is being---

Posted by Carol E. on 9/24/99 at 00:00 (011205)

sarcastic, somewhat nasty, and really preachy? There is a definite connection between diet and PF for some of us. When I stay below 30 grams of carbohydrate, my PF is drastically improved---and when I increase my carbs(cheat) for a few days, it bothers me more than usual. This tells me that even though consuming a low level of carbohydrates may not cure the problem, it can and does alleviate the pain for many of us. This info has been discussed several times because it may(or may not)help someone else on this board. However, I have an issue with people who 'say' that they tried it and it didn't work, when in reality, they didn't really follow it correctly, because it may keep someone else from experimenting based upon their incorrect assessment of the diet. If someone gave you a recipe for a 'really good light and fluffy angelfood cake' which called for 3 cups of flour and you put in 6 cups of flour because you thought it needed more and it turned out heavy and yucky---would you blame the recipe?

I really don't get what you are griping about. I don't see that my diet is that much different than yours. If it's not helping you and you aren't willing to lower the carbs a bit more to see if that makes a difference--don't do it! I tried mega doses of vitamin C and didn't see any difference. I tried glucosamine and chondroitin and didn't see any difference. I tried Tulle heel cups and didn't have any relief. I tried Birkenstocks and while they did give my arch support, they cause my arch to ache after wearing them for a few hours. I tried iceing and I felt like it caused more tightness and aching. I KEPT looking and trying different things until I found something that worked for me---and I didn't write any nasty messages shooting down the ones that didn't work for me---maybe they will help someone else. Every couple of months someone new will bring up a question about a lower carbohydrate diet helping PF. I answer these posts the best I can because it is something that has helped me immensely. Invariably, a NEW 'diet police' steps up to the plate and takes it upon themself to lambast low-carbing. I am getting really tired of having to defend myself when all I am trying to do is answer questions that may help someone else relieve their PF pain. YOU don't need to leave, Robin---YOU are still looking for something to make YOUR pain go away. I'm the one who no longer needs to take this abuse.