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Sorry if I got carried away, comment was not for you Robin

Posted by Gordon on 9/24/99 at 00:00 (011208)

My frustration was directed at Wendy (sorry for pointing fingers in advance) because of her statement that we should focus on the foot problem and leave the diet thing alone. This disturbs me because it shows how people don't see that there is a relationship between what their bodies do with food (processing, digestion) to how there bodies react to it(tightness, imflamation etc.).
The point I keep trying to make is that if diet does make a difference it is a clue to look at your digestion system. It is not that carbs are neccesarily bad for people in general but maybe there is something wrong with some of us that doesn't allow us to tolerate them.

Sorry for the preaching. I do agree with what you said for the most part.