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Low Carbs ?

Posted by Lee M. on 9/25/99 at 00:00 (011219)

Carol, as you know I've also had a lot of success with low carb. My foot feels better and as an added benefit I lost weight which in turn also helped my foot. This diet seems to always be a sore spot when I discuss it with anyone. I ALWAYS get the lecture on how it's not good for me and how I will just gain the weight back. So now I just keep it to myself. When people ask me how I lost weight I just say I'm eating less. As it applys to this board I agree with you that we're not posting about the diet to lose weight but because it really helped keep the pain down without drugs. I've in no way ever tried to hype the diet for any other reason but to maybe help someone else ease their pain. It was you that originally posted about the diet helping. I read your post and tried it and it did help. I know the piroxocam cream really helped my pain too. But I've read posts that people had little results from it, maybe it helped a couple of people. My point is I would like to hear any suggestion that might help. If someone said standing on your head naked, while whistling dixie would make my heel spur go away, I'd try it. Whats the harm anyway, I read thru the posts quickly and concentrate on the ones that seem to have something in common with my circumstances. I thought it was my imagination that socks made my feet burn, but there are several posts in the past that confirm the problem. I'm sure someone read my post and thought 'how stupid, how can socks make a difference.'
Gosh, it takes me along time to get to my point which is....
Please everyone, post all your crazy ideas, I've read every one and tried several. One day one of them is going to cure me. After all my Dr. has no new suggestions! Because of this board I'm 23 lbs thinner and about 90% pain free. Reading all the posts also keeps me out of the kitchen in the evening.