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ankle arthritis

Posted by joan on 9/25/99 at 00:00 (011231)

hi everyone--i am having some mod3erate success with vioxx and only using it on and off now---the one thing i notice that disturbs me is that i probably have arthritis in my outer ankle joint (side opposite the arch). it hurts at rest, aches during sleep, and hurts when i walk unless i pay VERY close attention to not compensating for the tight plantar fascia by walking on the outside of my foot. when i roll over my foot more over the instep, it no longer hurts. anyway, has anyone else experienced this? i am thinking that even though a lot of my problems are subsiding somewhat (i'd say i am about 50-65% better on any given day), i amy just have to give that orthotripsy a try to bust up this scar tissue and get the bottom of my foot to return to normal flexibility--otherwise, i will probably continue to wear down my ankle cartilage with my compensatory gait. Last night I was able to take a short sprint in the park. With my inserts in, I am basically functioning normally at work. Would it be overkill at this point to look into orthotripsy or would it be worth it to bring the foot that much farther along? Has anyone felt that they've gotten definitively WORSE wioth the procedure? All input wpould be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. Hope everyone continues to have hope and to know that people DO get better from this--we all have our own interesting stories about it.