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new orthotics & vitamins

Posted by Alison on 9/25/99 at 00:00 (011239)

Hi all ! I've been browsing as I haven't checked the message board since my last post 8/13.I received a new set of orthotics from Thomas Novella DPM (NYC) 8/22 and have been taking glocosamine, vits C, E and a multivitain since july.I'm happy to report that all of this has significantly reduced my foot pain The vits were also recommended by my primary doc due to hypertension and a family history of cardiovascular problems(so I'm officially middleaged!). Today I was able to walk 3 or 4 miles with brief rest in the middle. Dr Novella thinks PF and everything else is directly related to plantar fibroma. Orthotics are custom cast,full length, made with lighter, synthetic materials. My old ones were leather and wore out after a year.The new ones even make my NB 801s comfortable. Still have some heel pain, still need to drop some weight but I'm tremendously mobile.

I highly recommend a good podiatrist and laying out the big bucks for custom orthotics,if recommended. I find casting with a few tweeks from the podiatrist provides thorough support. Danskos otherwise. God bless & hang in there.