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shoes, shoes and more shoes

Posted by julie p on 9/25/99 at 00:00 (011241)

Within the last week I have purchased expensive hiking boots,(not worn yet and they are going back), new Reeboks,(feel pretty good), yesterday some Mephisto ankle boots(I am afraid to wear them, they cost $250.00) and then today a new pair of Birkenstocks(which I left the store wearing) and a pair of dressier boots($150.00). Obviously I am desperate. I work outside as a landscape designer, I play(ed) volleyball on court and on sand through August. Pain started very gradually 8 months ago, diagnosed 8 weeks ago, found this site one hour ago and am scared and depressed to find out how difficult it appears to treat PF. Also scared to have to walk back through two malls to return most of these shoes. Any thoughts on which I should keep?