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Posted by Maggie OB on 9/27/99 at 00:00 (011294)

I have gotten such wondeful info from this board that I wanted to tell you my experience. Have had terrible PF in right foot for about a year and a half. Have gone through two cortisone shots, physical therapy, taping, stretching, icing etc. All provided short term relief. About three-four months ago started on 1500 mg glucosamine daily as the last shot before serious surgery talk. Have been incredibly happy with the results. After about 4 weeks saw a noticable improvement and by week 7 or so was more or less pain free. At about that time, pf symptoms began to show up in my left foot which had me ready to scream. Have continued with the 1500 glucosamine daily and left foot seems to be responding. As with everything that everyone on this board has learned, there is no one solution but, for me, glucosamine seems like an answer when all else had failed.

Have also found Mephistos to be well worth the money--even found a pair of sandals that had some fashion and that, most importantly, my feet liked (we are not talking a hike here---but walking or standing for several hours.) this board is great--it's so important to know you are neither alone nor crazy!!!