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Re: yes, a little

Posted by Robin B. on 9/30/99 at 00:00 (011360)

You might want to try bromelain. It is one of those health food store 'dietary supplements' based on an enzyme extracted from the pineapple plant that is supposed to reduce inflamation.

It has worked pretty well for me and has reduced my pain considerably. For anti-inflamatory action, apparently it's best to take it between meals, on an empty or semi empty stomach.

I take 3 caps per day, each 500 mg and 600 gdu. Gel dissolving units are the ticket with bromelain. 1800 per day is considered a serious dosage.

I have tried glucosamine sulfate which helped a smidgeon -- but I started bromelain at the end of July and noticed a difference within a week or two.