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Finally found a sandal that is helping

Posted by Elise K on 10/02/99 at 00:00 (011433)

This is the first time in over a year that I have been nearly pain-free for two weeks, and it is mostly due to a new sandal that I purchased in a store that specializes in orthopedically designed shoes, like Birks, Mephistos, etc.

The sandal is called 'Fits' by Theresa. They are made in Germany. They have a leather innersole that has metatarsal support and good arch support, and conforms to your feet. In addition, it has a soft, rubbery regular sole so they are not too hard. In addition to my PF pain, I have had inner ankle pain for about six months, which disappeared one day after I started these sandals and has not returned. My only fear is that this is another temporary improvement, as I have had good stretches of 3-4 days in the past, but I have never lasted this long.

So, if anyone needs the support of Birks and a softer sole, give these a try. (I'm hoping this nightmare is finally nearing an end.)