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7 week followup

Posted by john h on 10/06/99 at 00:00 (011539)

i visited my doctor today which is 7 weeks since my great toe chelictomy, pf release (open procedure) and tarsal tunnel release. My toe is doing great and i have recoved my flexion. I still have swelling around toe and tarsal tunnel area after being on feet most of day. dr said this was normal and that it could take up to a year for the foot to be totally healed. he suggested support hose to hold down swelling. he said recovery from the PF and Tarsal Tunnel would not be a linear type recovery but there would be good and bad days. he indicated that in the tarsal tunnel canal i had some large vericose veins which would swell after being on feet for some time and press on the nerves inside the canal. there was nothing he could do about the veins but he did open up the canal by reoving fibrous tissue which the canal is made up of. i have no outward signs of vericose veins (thought my legs looked pretty good as a matter of fact). I had one band of the fascia released (about 20%) using the Baxter procedure. he suggested i slow my activity down somewhat as i tend to overdo. It is much to early for me to say the tarsal tunnel or pf release is a success as some days are not bad and some are not good but as he said it will take some time to know the outcome. i had never read anything about vericose veins in the tarsal tunnel canal and found that very interesting. he also suggested i massage the area of he incisions where there is scar tissue with vitamin E to breakup the scar tissue.