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Heel spur pain

Posted by Nick I on 10/13/99 at 00:00 (011692)

I got a sharp pain in my left heel, first thing in the morning on getting out of bed. My doctor didn't even know what it was! I went to a firm of UK foot specialists (SCHOLL) and was sold a pair of strong leather shoes $55, and a pair of steel curved instep support $90. These inserts have to be bent back into shape at a Scholl shop every 6 weeks. I also wear a pair of moulded sole leather sandals arounf the home. With in a month, the pain has virtually gone. Scholl advised me that the onset of my problem was caused partly by being overweight and mainly by wearing softish shoes with thick but soft, spongy soles. Comfortable to wear but causing long term damage to the muscles of the instep. Hope this helps any fellow sufferers.