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Posted by Beth D. on 10/16/99 at 00:00 (011769)

Hi All! I just bought a second pair of Birkenstocks to wear outdoors for the cooler months in PA. They are a clog style. I am very happy with the way my feet feel in them. I can go until about 5PM (when my feet swell?) before the excess warmth and discomfort set in. My question is: how much walking can be done in Birks? I'm kind of afaid to try too far. I seem to get pain fairly fast with my New Balance walking shoes and Reebok workout shoes if I use them for walking. I guess after about 20 minutes I'm in the warmth/pain zone and have to start stretching out my calf wherever I am. I took out the rigid 3/4 orthotic after the second podiatrist said my feet were not overpronated or had a bad arch. I feel like the less I walk, the better. I have minimal soreness when I press in on the PF spot. I've taken myself off all vitamins and medications in order to have some true feelings. Best to you all and thanks for being here!