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OssaTron Heel Pain Syndrome Feasibility Study

Posted by john h on 10/19/99 at 00:00 (011828)

A study of 20 subjects using the Ossatron was conducted by Richard Alverez, MD at Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, TN. 15 female and 5 male. ages from 29 to 68. subjects heel pain had existed from 6 months to 7 years. all had undergone various treatments prior to ossatron. the study is to long to print here but i will quote the summary of study findings: 'Although too few subjects were studied to draw the conclussion the improvement seen was a direct result of treatment with the Ossatrom, it is nonetheless clear that all subjects improved during the course of study participation and no subject was made worse as a result of study participation. Further all 19 subjects followed to 6 weeks and all 12 study subjects followed to three months demonstrated clinical improvement post treatment with only two subjects failing to meet the study criteria for 'success' at the three month follow up visit. Study subjects appeared to improve regardless of the duration of time that symptons had persisted prior to treatment. Subjects who reported having heel pain syndrome for more than 2 years appeared to benefit from the osstron treatment equally to subjects who repored symptons for shorter periods of time.

Findings from the feasibility study support the concluusion the ESW treatment with ossatron be be safe and effective in the treatment of heel pain syndrome and that the study should be expanded to a multicenter pivotal trial.'

Use this information with caution as it not verifable by me.