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Re: other approaches

Posted by Robin B. on 10/19/99 at 00:00 (011841)

Cindy, if you are not getting better, consider another approach. It sounds as if much of what you have tried have been instruments or vehicles applied to your foot -- i.e., things that go onto or around or into it.

Maybe it's time to 'back into it.' First -- shoes. I myself like Birkenstocks, some people like Naots, New Balance, Mephistos, whatever. The point is -- find something that at least makes the pain bearable so you can go about your daily business and look for a real remedy.

Secondly, internal stuff. Read the board archives and Scott's page. What works for me is high doses of bromelain, medium doses of glucosamine and vitamin C. Some people like MSM or Sam-E, high vitamin C doses or pancreatin.

Experiment with stretches. Stretching works for most (not so well for me, but I never give up hope on it entirely).Scott's page has a lot of info about stretching.

Also, I think some degree of exercise is important -- proper circulation, etc. Maybe a bike or swimming or rowing or whatever you can do that doesn't cause pain or weight-bearing activity. I can definitely witness to the benefit of even moderate aerobic exercise. I feel much better when I do it, not so good when I don't.

You might also explore accupuncture. I haven't done it personally but several people on the board have had very good results.

Finally, consider experimenting with your daily diet. There is a group of avid low-carb people on the board. I'm not really part of that-- although I do eat a fairly low carb diet. Main thing for me is eliminating flour and wheat products. Some folks cut dairy and fruit too -- I don't. The elimination of all bread, pastas, rices, etc. is finally paying off for me -- and I can tell you personally, it has taken many months to feel the positive impact.

My own story is that PF started in both feet in April 1998, and I have suffered immensely with it, often to the point of tears, often to the point of total despair, often to thinking that I may just get myself a wheelchair and be done with it, at age 50. Eighteen months later with Birkenstocks, bromelain, vitamin C, low carb and exercise -- I am greatly improved. I am not cured -- but I AM able to walk for about 1/2 to 3/4 mile right now. Last year, I could barely hobble from the bedroom to the kitchen. Cindy, the point is: 1) don't give up; 2) be an activated patient -- don't rely on doctors exclusively; make them your partners, not your leaders; 3) Be willing to explore other approaches. Something WILL alleviate your pain. It's just a matter of finding out what.