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RE: 2 days after treatment

Posted by kellyc on 10/21/99 at 00:00 (011904)

I finally got the feeling back in my foot on Wednesday night - I had the treatment Tuesday!! Must be some strong drugs they use!!

My foot is tooo tender to walk on barefoot but with shoes it's bearable. If I press on my heal right, just towards my arch, it's very tender. I didn't have any of the 'normal' pain when I first stepped on it this morning but that may just be because I've been babying that foot anyway. I know one thing, they originally just gave me 3 shots and then started the treatment. The first 5 hits (which they said are at 1/2 speed and power)sent a shock through the bone in my leg all the way to my hip! After that, they did 3 more shots with a different medication. I could still feel it some though.

One thing the Dr. mentioned is that they are finding that those treated have a day or two about a week after the treatment where their pain is much worse, then they start coming out of it and have good success from that point forward. A nurse on the surgical floor stopped to see me (she's 3 weeks out from her treatment, same study) and she echoed what the Dr. said. She's doing very well, limited pain and nearly none on the weekends when she can rest some.

There's hope out there!!