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recovering from pronation

Posted by Kara m on 10/22/99 at 00:00 (011964)

I also have pronation of both ankles, but more the right foot than the left.
As a result, my right arch has fallen a bit and the foot is slightly bigger than the other. It's bad news...
I didn't really feel much different with my custom made $350 orthodics (waste of $!).
What has helped is months of constant stretching and posture re-alignment, and an awesome massage therapist. I have 'knock-knees' and 'sway-back' and 'locked knees'... Or more I HAD these things, they are starting to go away now (finally!)
A book I would recommend is The Vance Stance. She had great pictures and different degrees of stretches to help realign the body.
Everything is connected, if your back hurts, or your knees ache, chances are your foot pain is causing or caused by other problems, and for me getting orthodics didn't really change the way I walked, I had to change that myself.
Happy Healing!
Kara m