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Mole Skin

Posted by Kara M on 10/23/99 at 00:00 (011985)

Do you know about 'mole skin?' It's this foam sheet with a sticky side that you can cut out of. On my outdoor backpacking course we all had to learn how to care for our blisters.
'Mole skin' can be bought at a pharmacy. we also used this weird bandaging stuff that doctors use on burn patients, don't remember what that was called though. It was bright blue.
So you put antibiotic cream on the blister,(at this point I think we used that blue stuff too), then cut out a sort of ring cookie or more simply an O shape out of the mole skin that fits around the blister, this keeps anything from rubbing the blister more. then you bandage the whole thing, putting the gauze over first, then tape. If the blister hasn't popped, don't pop it, it heals faster.
Anyway, that's the method we all used, and it really worked.
Kara M