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Ossatron Debate - Healthtronics input

Posted by johnw on 10/24/99 at 00:00 (012008)

Did I ever pick a bad week to leave the country and not check the message board. Had I logged on earlier, I could have saved some spirited debate. First and foremost, the greatest misunderstanding is that we have chosen not to financially support this website. We are currently prevented by law from 'supporting this website' or any other since it may be construed by the FDA as marketing prior to approval. A major violation that could result in serious repercussions for our company. I can assure you, that when and if we obtain approval, financial support, ie marketing, in conjunction with this and other websites will be one of the many ways that we educate potential patients. This site distinguishes itself and has no peers with respect to providing a forum by sufferers for sufferers.

Secondly, to put things in perspective, less than 10 patients have chosen to be treated on the ossatron pimarily because of heelspurs.com. Additionally, Healthtronics has no financial interest in the canadian site. If they treat a thousand patients a day we would not benefit. I happen to know that the canadian customer as of yet is not profitable providing this service. The Canadian government does not reimburse for this service and the stream of patients from the us is up til now minimal. Dr. Galea does not want to aggressively advertise until he has an adequate track record with our product. Also, for each patient that we treat in the fda studies, we lose thousands of dollars tracking and reporting the outcome. The only money we earn as a company deals with selling the already fda approved kidney lithotripter.

Heelspurs.com provides us with an invaluable service - it reminds us on a daily basis why we are spending millions of dollars seeking fda approval - to make a difference in the lives of millions of pf sufferers who have not been well served by technology and the healthcare community. Oddly enough, it is our goal to put this website out of business since we hope to eliminate chronic pf suffering. Wish us luck. In the meantime, we wish you luck and hope that one of the hundreds of recommendations found on this site provides relief.