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ICAM! Mephisto's 'Holiday' gave me life again.

Posted by Sonni on 10/29/99 at 00:00 (012143)

I couldn't agree more lynda! I got my first pair of Mephisto's a year ago and I ordered the 'Holiday'(which I found necessary to order 1/2 size larger than normal - don't get them too small!) and have gotten so much of my life back - oh, it's unbelievable!! I had never experienced comfort in a new shoe like I found in them. They have support but they don't ''poke'' support at you, you know? I'll never be without a pair of Holiday's again. As far as durability, they feel every bit as good as they did a year ago. When I'm without them (or the sandals I talk about next) for even a couple of hours, I start the old limping again. But with them I don't think anyone can tell how crippled I am.

They don't make me perfect and there's still no way that I could be on my feet all day or anything but as far as I'm concerned, I can keep going about three times as long with about 1/3 of the pain AND like you Lynda, I no longer crawl to the potty at 3:00am - I walk and quite well I might add.

Last spring I wanted a sandal and I tried on the 'Ines' and it didn't feel great so I tried the 'Eva' and it was like heaven. I wore it all summer and fall.

Also, I have recently tried Birks 'Kansas' and especially LOVE them as an 'around the house' type of slipper (when used with socks). The first time I put them on they were like an old shoe - completely comfortable. I have high arches and I didn't find them ''too high'' at ALL like some of the comments I've heard here about other Tatami's. They are much, much softer that the classic Birks and the support is there but it's subtle - soooo much softer. It feels like someone broke them in for me. I'll be wearing them indoors all winter.