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PF monster

Posted by wendyn on 10/29/99 at 00:00 (012145)

I think the PF monster is a a 10 ft tall big ugly pink evil SOB that makes a horrendous ripping sound with every step he takes. He's swollen and covered in inflammation and puts fear into the hearts of grown men and small children alike.

The TTS monster is an insidious little bugger. He's a vice shaped abomination that crawls up through the ground and invades the bodies of the unsuspecting - torturing his victims with unremitting pain. He torments them relentlessly with hot pokers and slowly drains away their energy and enjoyment of life.

Hmmm- somehow I can't see these as catching on like Pokemon and Star Wars costumes - but I suppose it would be original! Might only be funny at a Halloween party of podiatrists.