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Posted by alan k. on 10/31/99 at 00:00 (012185)

They are pods. Mine, however, is quite compassionate and not at all interested in taking me for a ride. He has never even hinted at giving me a cortizone injection. Still, they don't seem to realize how much so little can hurt. Doctors and pods in my case were always one step behind what was necessary. My doctor sent me away with foot pain for a follow up in a month, without even mentioning PF, mentioning footware or activity issues. A month of activity later, I was cursed. Then he said try some pills and sure, no need to reduce activity or anything. Three weeks later finally a referal to a podiatirst, and more waiting for physical therapy. Everything to late.

In my advanced state, rest doesn't seem to do any lasting good, althoug I am not even sure if I have PF or what is wrong-- so don't go by me. The overwhelming evidence from this board says-- the more rest, the earlier, the longer, the better.