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knee exersize.

Posted by alan k on 11/04/99 at 00:00 (012320)

Refitting the bike sounds like number one priority, but building knee strenth can also help. Lie on back with one leg straight and one foot on floor (knee bent). Flex the foot of the straight leg, also keeping leg straight. This is also a PF stretch. Then slowly raise it to about 45 degrees and hold for a count of five. Repeat many times for each leg. The same exercise can be done lying on side, raising leg out (up) sideways and holding (both legs are straight for this). Also, on side with one foot on floor behind straight leg, raise leg as far as it goes and hold, repeat, this time moving through the inner thigh.

these exersizes can be done with ankle wieghts, after SLOWLY building up to them.

If I could get myself interested in calisthenics I might do these exersizes myself! They would be great for PF leg atrophy (they exersize the upper leg as well as knee). Unfortunately, I can't yet seem to get into claisthenic exersize because its boring. I hope you find this inspirational.

best, alan k.