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Maalox with athletic tape

Posted by Reb L. on 11/04/99 at 00:00 (012337)

Although taping my feet gives me a great deal of pain relief and mobility, I don't tape all the time because my feet get kind of raw.

Well, I mentioned this to my physical therapist, and he said he'd just been to a seminar where that very subject was brought up. They say that the adhesive in the tape is very acidic, so it is irritating to the skin, plus it kind of softens (dissolves) the skin, making it more prone to peeling when the tape is removed. Apparently, applying Maalox to the skin prior to tape application helps to counteract this.

Just rub a small amount into your feet wherever the tape will have contact. Make sure to throughly coat the skin. Allow to dry completely before applying your tape.

I just tried this for the first time yesterday. Surprisingly enough, the Maalox did not prevent good adhesion, because I'm still wearing the tape and getting good support almost 24 hours later. (I use Ace, in case you're wondering.) I did try lifting a corner of the tape to check my skin, and I found that it didn't feel raw and sensitive like it usually does.

It's too early for me to give a firm recommendation, but for all of you desperate for any little help, I thought you might like to try this right away, rather than waiting for my personal verdict.