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A good idea: File a complaint with your state medical licensing board.

Posted by alan k on 11/05/99 at 00:00 (012363)

I get the feeling from this man that he is oblivious.

If he had only mentioned the existence of the condition of PF, I would have found out the information on how to prevent my serious inury myself. The facts are so well known and readily available. It is not, as some might think, some mysterious thing that no doctor knows how to heal-- minor foot pain can easily be treated if caught early. At least, the doctor should have given me the choice whether to treat it early or not, rather than play his cards close to his chest, and 'see how I feel in a month.' This seems incredibly irresponsible and I fear for others who might easily avoid my situation or other serious situations: some of which might be fatal-- who knows? It is a bigger issue than relaxing my healing vibes.

thanks for your idea: it might help someone in the future.