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Mohez's great ossatron adventure

Posted by Mohez on 11/05/99 at 00:00 (012377)

Hi to all

It has now been three weeks for my right heel and one week on my left heel. Nothing spectacular to report. My left heel
is very sore (tender) right where the shockwaves were hit. My right heel is sore, in the same area but not as much as the
left heel. No real breakthrough yet. The soreness is concentrated in the morning, but after the tennis ball roll and stretching
of both calf muscles, it feels a lot better. The pain then springs back in the late morning- at which time I stretch again and
rears its ugly head in the afternoon again. The best way to fight the pain is to stretch. Will keep you all posted if any
breakthroughs happen.

To Michael- looks like we are in the same boat, having both heels done so close together. If you live and work in Toronto, do
you want to get together for lunch sometime and go over experiences? Email me and let me know.