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First thing in the AM...

Posted by SusieKew on 11/06/99 at 00:00 (012387)

I massage the calf muscle against my bent knee. I also flex my feet several times (do toe curls in the air). Like you, I do calf stretches, but I also stretch my hamstrings because I have come to realize some of the source of my heel tightness and pain is radiating down from my back/tight hamstrings. Then, if my feet are still tight, I walk on my toes until I feel them start to relax. I have managed to practically eliminate the morning pain by doing this.

I thoroughly believe what Scott says, that it is essential to get rid of the morning pain, that it is an indication that you are re-injuring any of the delicate repair that may have begun, and that the foot can't heal quick enough to overcome the daily morning assault.