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FYI ultrasound

Posted by Lee M. on 11/08/99 at 00:00 (012430)

Regarding my October post:
My ultrasound treatments were only about 5 minutes long and then 30 minutes of massage by the therapist. I think it was Sara that wrote that 30 minutes of ultra sound would cook my foot. I'm sorry if I posted incorrectly or if I didn't make my treatment clear.
My therapist did :
Approx 5 minutes of ultrasound
Ice Bath & Hot whirlpool - alternate 3 min hot/1min ice 5x
30 minutes of intense massage
Also I would like to add that the therapist could not even touch the bottom of my heel when I first started treatment. He started the massage at the lower calf area and worked down. It took about a month before he could put any pressure on the center of my heel.