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Thank you so much for the incouragment

Posted by Annette G on 11/08/99 at 00:00 (012442)

Thank you so much all, for your messages. I have had PF since last winter while training for the Boston Marathon,and since then it has gotten a lot worse. I am now at the point where I am pretty much in pain all of the time but continue to run. I cut my miles down to running 3 days a week 10 miles each time, I have been on prednizone, had a shot of cortizone and am wearing a new pair of orhtothics, but it is not working, I told myself all weekend that starting today I am going to cut my miles way down to maybe 10 per week, but already I feel like going back on my word,I really really don't want to stop,but fear it is my only hope of ending this pain.
but you all have given me much hope, and I thank you. I have expanded my weight lifting routeen and I am going to enquire about a spin class at the 'Y'(I never thought that I would be thinking about riding a bike) It is just so hard right now to give up this running, I am running faster and longer than ever and was hoping to run a 3:20 at Boston this year, now I don't think that it will be possible, especially if I have to cut down my milage or most likely stop running completly. But if I have to; then I will do it, I guess, I just don't like it! Sorry all, I am still at the whining stage, this will all sink in soon, and I will get on with it.
Thank you again, I just never realized that this was such a serious thing, and feared that my running days were over, I have been running since I joined my high school track team 24 years ago and have never stopped, this running has always been a part of my life.
I will listen to what you all have to say, and take it easy.
your friend,Annette