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Yes, it really helps

Posted by Rosalind on 11/11/99 at 00:00 (012514)

The first time I did Chigong, I sat in a chair for more than half of it, and I left limping. But the next day I felt better, and it was the first improvement I had seen, so I went back. Each time I went, I felt a little better, which was enough to keep me going. One person in the class did it lying down because of a spinal injury. So, yes, no problem doing as much of it as you want sitting down. You will work up to standing more and more if you keep going. I was doing it as often as three times a week because it was clearly the only thing that was helping me at my worst.

I always wear my shoes, however, unlike everyone else. That is key.
The kind of Chigong that helped me is a medical Chigong that has a lot of flowing movements, rather than the more static form, which does not do much for me.

One of the most amazing things for me was when I had a 'treatment' from the instructor. The entire time I could feel major pulsing in my bad foot, and afterwards I ran into a friend who said I looked like I just got back from a two week vacation. Supposedly the pulsing I was feeling was the 'stuck chi' or the barrier to the natural flow of chi. Just as a reference, my background is pretty hard core science (a doctorate in molecular biology) so I went into this as a skeptic.

See my earlier posts on accupuncture.