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blessed relief!!!!

Posted by Pam M Schimmel on 11/13/99 at 00:00 (012577)

I would like to thank Scott for this web site on plantar fascitis. I too have endured PF. Mine began about 18 months ago with stiffness in the achilles tendons. I would walk around and it would work it's way out about an hour later. Heaven help me if I sat down and tried to stand up! At first, I could use naprosyn and be totally pain free. After awhile I could no longer use it. It caused me to have a sensitive and burning feeling in my stomach. I would like to share my own remedy. Massage the plantar, heel, and ball of affected foot gently for 5-10 minutes before getting out of bed and during the day. ICE or soak foot in a wide bucket in water that has some ice in it. If the water is too cold it will cause extreme pain. Soak for 15 min. a couple of times each day. I also filled powder free latex or non-latex gloves with water and froze them. I then have a neat ice pack to use when I am sitting. Massage foot before and after each icing period. I also spent the money to have an orthodic insert built for me. I also use a ridged orthodic. I rotate them depending on which one gives me the most comfort at the end of the day. I also use a thin heel cushion that I double over and place between my orthodic and side of my shoe to relieve any pressure on the side of my heel. I have been doing these things for 2 weeks and using the othodics for 1 1/2 months. My podiatrist gave me a prescription for celebrex 500 mg. It helps with the inflamation. After two weeks on this medication I am able to take Naprosyn for 2 days at a time. I am almost pain and stiffness free!! My shoes of choice are Rockports. They come in wider sizes and have a decent arch support. I leave in the lineer and place my orthodics on top. Try these suggestions. They will greatly help. Remember to ice often!! It makes the difference between agony and comfort. Pam