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the reason

Posted by alan k on 11/16/99 at 00:00 (012749)

The reason is to help with the PF cure.
I can't say at this point whether it is working, but you might check other posts.
The theory of toxin permeating the intestinal membrane makes some sense to me, and I also exhibited other symptoms like carpal tunnel and achiness in my hands and fingers. The coincidence that I got PF a couple weeks after a month of sore hands is a strong sign to me.

Other indications are frequent anti-biotic use (several times in the the last few years), oral contraceptive, frequent yeast infections, and (i have heard, but not sure), persistant mucous in the throat. Any of these along with achiness in joints might indicate candidiasis.
There are tests also, which are suggested under entries by Gordon.

I haven't done the tests.

alan k