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To Alan

Posted by Kris C on 11/16/99 at 00:00 (012763)

I have all the classic symptoms of PF. Terrible pain in the morning. The flat bottom part of my heel is most painful. Pain lasts all the time. If I have been on my feet too much (making dinner, errands, cleaning) then I am in more pain. Walking or standing are both bad. Maybe standing in one place is worse. Both hurt though. At the end of the day is also real bad... Sometimes they hurt just laying on the matress in bed. I am 38 and feel too young to be this crippled up. I have a standup job (airline customer service) for the last 19 years on my feet for 8 hours a day at work, plus being on my feet at home doing usual mom type things like cooking cleaning etc. There is no way I can return to work on any light duty and sitting down is not possible in my job.
To be honest, nothing has really helped. The orthotics (custom made) feel good in my shoes and even though the anti-inflammatorie Rx( I Have tried at least a dozen) tear up my stomach something awful, they do 'take the edge' off my pain a little. I just hate taking them and am afraid I will damage my organs or get an ulcer from them.
I live in Southern California and have seen two very well respected foot and ankle surgeons, plus a rhuemotologist, plus an accupuncturist, plus went thru an extensive P.T. program (40 visits)at a big hospital and no one and no place seem to be able to help me....It's a very frustrating thing.