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Posted by PHIL L on 11/19/99 at 00:00 (012890)

I just wanted everyone who looks at this site to have the truth
on the ossatron treatments.
Getting everyones opinion back here fresh was my purpose and looks like that has happen,i did not mean to ruffle any feathers,
If ossatron wanted to use me as a test dummy i properly would.
At times i thought of just cutting them off they hurt so bad.

I am so happy for the people this is helping,finally something is helping for you,for me its just rest,getting off my feet helps
but when summer is here again and i spend 10-12 hrs a day at work
i will be right where i started,hopefully ossatron will be in the US
by then,most people on a budget can not afford the 1500.00 for
treatments and trips.

Does this run in the family i think i herd my dad always complaining of his feet hurting but little money for doctors then.

my sons feet look just like mine,i hope and pray he does not go thru
what i have been going thru.

God bless