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Re: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Posted by John C. on 11/19/99 at 00:00 (012898)

Ben, you can be back and going as strong as ever. In your case, I would believe your doctor. At the same time, I would recommend that you thoroughly read Scott's manual and try everything to find out what works for you. For me, orthotics, massage, and time worked best for me.

I am a runner and like you, I injured my foot from a single injury of a jump of about 6 feet. After that, my running really compounded the injury. It took me 12 months to cure it and get back to running. I'm now 56 and back to my usual 5 mile runs.

If you have access to a gym, go and do anything that does not further injure your feet. That could be swimming, weights, stairmaster, or any peddling machine. For me, I found that I could do nearly all of this. I got my old mountain bike out and had some great rides. Use your pain as a guide. Be careful with Nsaids. They can do a great job of hiding the pain. The bad thing is you might be causing yourself harm and not know it.

I wish I could tell you how long it will take. If you read around on this message board, you will see that everyone's story and time is different.

Good luck.