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runs in the family

Posted by wendyn on 11/19/99 at 00:00 (012911)

I don't know if PF runs in the family, but structural problems with the feet does. Both my grandmothers had problems with their feet (mostly a lot of undiagnosed pain becase back then you felt you had to just live with it). My dad has heel pain, and both my kids have flat feet. My son who is 14 now has worn orthotics since he was 11 (same age I started having trouble). I really hope that they don't have to go through anything like this. Have encouraged my youngest to take up swimming, and luckily he loves it! He can swim all he wants, and I will avoid steering him into sport that I know will be problem later on. Your knowledge and experience may help you prevent the same thing from happening to your kids. (My kids always wear top of the line shoes with good support, it is one thing I would never purchase based on price - learned that the hard way)