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Re: To Anette

Posted by Lee M on 11/21/99 at 00:00 (012984)

I went 3 x a week. approx 20 min of massage. At first he could not touch the bottom of my foot, my heel was really tender to the touch.
Probably around the 5th or 6th week I really started to notice a big difference. By the 8th week he was massaging the bottom of my foot really hard and I had no pain at all. The last pain to go away was the lingering arch pain in the morning. But it has also gone. But keep in mind that I am spending a lot of time rubbing my own feet. My PT said he thinks my contribution really made a difference. Because he has some other pf sufferers that are not coming along as fast as me.
I put my foot on a heating pad about 5 min and then I massage with hands or use the thumper for about 5 minutes. Then more heat, then massage. I just do it while I watch TV at night and after my shower in the am. I plug the tub in the shower so my foot is getting a soak before the massage. I hope PT works for you. I know everybody is different.