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No, JohnW

Posted by michael s on 11/22/99 at 00:00 (013035)

I'd just like to say I think you'd be far more helpful and make a more convincing defense of your company and the product you believe in if you'd stop with the hyperbole. Vicki has nothing to be ashamed about, she makes some good points. There are studies - some linked to this site - that show a significant number of treated patients whose relief from pain does not last all that many months after treatment. It seems to me her distrust is quite valid, and even if it's not give her a break - we're all in pain and we've all been through a lot. And while I don't argue with you that two or three years relief is worth the cost of treatment - I'm waiting patiently here at week 3 for my first sign of relief - why are you throwing Jenn's name in there,when she only just had the treatment and is already having a setback? Writing like that helps create distrust, I think. Has anybody actually had three years of significant pain relief yet? Has this therapy been used on pf for five years? Has anyone been followed-up after five years? If there are 'hundreds' of publications about relief from pf thanks to the Ossatron I think they are frustratingly hard to find. Certainly what appears on the Healtronics website is corporate pap and not helpful to anyone who would like hard questions answered.