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Odd Exercise

Posted by Millie D on 11/23/99 at 00:00 (013085)

Several years ago I had PF for over a year. I tried all of the inserts, anything I could find plus plenty of stretching - keeping feet flat and leaning against a wall kind of thing. Nothing helped. My doctor told me they very seldom did surgery any more and gave me a brochure. The exercise in the brochure cured me within a week. I don't think my pain was a severe as I have seen described here but my heel was always painful and the pain would radiate up the back of my leg. The exercise was very simply picking up a towel with my toes or the same motion. Initially I could not move my feet enough to pick anything up but I knew I felt an improvement immediately. Now I have increased my flexibility and anytime I feel that soreness starting I do the exercise and it goes away immediately.
However, my husband now has PF and said the exercises don't help at all. Does anyone have a clue as to why the same exercise would help me and not him?