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Thanks for your answer

Posted by Sue B. on 11/24/99 at 00:00 (013108)

Robin B. ---- Thanks for your long detailed answer. I think I will give Bromelain a try. Otherwise, I have tried some of the other things you have done and they haven't helped.

Birks make my feet feel worse for sure--so far I have found 3 things that have helped: full custom orthotics, stretching, and night splints. I am better than I was, in fact my right foot barely hurts anymore, but I have a stubborn pain in my left heel that won't go away--I suspect it 'nerve' connected.

I think that riding a stationery bike in BARE feet (stupid of me, who knew that feet pain even existed) brought this thing on in the first place so I am afraid of stationery bikes. Make sure you wear shoes when you do it.

I have tried the low carb diet from time to time--but find it very difficult and didn't notice any improvement in the feet--have done the low carb diet for as long as 3 months--still ate rice, potatoes, and wheat free bread though--did lose weight on it, but I didn't want to lose.

Sue B.