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I got peptic ulcer from Motrin

Posted by rekha.s on 11/27/99 at 00:00 (013168)

4 years ago when I hurt my back at my job, I popped 800 mg of Motrin continuously and took Flexiril at night. after the pain subsided (4-6 months later) I started noticing intense stomach pains below my rib. The doc did some tests and they found H Pylori bacteria in my stomach which causes ulcers. Thank goodness I caught it early on & took regimen called 'Helicobactor pylori kit' (consisting of 16 pills to take daily) for 2 weeks to rid the ulcer.

My stomach problem was directly related to the many pills (particularly the Motrin) that I took

I am so scared of taking any type of medicines now that I have PF. I am scared even to take supplements or vitamins.