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ART and my post-shockwave update

Posted by michael s on 11/27/99 at 00:00 (013177)

According to the plan my doctor suggested before I had the Ossatron shockwave treatment, I've now started what will likely be ten sessions of ART (active release therapy). Because I've had pf for so long and also because surgery has twice failed for me he suggested we try both treatments - shockwaves and then ART beginning a few weeks later.
And as Dr. Galea suggested ART is no picnic. The chiropractor pushes down hard with his thumb and then keeps it pressed as he runs down or at times across the bottom of my foot. The idea is to loosen up the scar tissue and get rid of the adhesions that have accumulated due to pf and due to having surgery twice. Forgive my inarticulate and probably fairly inaccurate paraphrasing, but the theory behind this sort of treatment seems to emphasize that pf, or at least long-term chronic pf, throws the complex system of muscles and tendons and tissue in the heel and bottom of the foot all out of whack.(I just thought I'd mention this. I've had this problem so long that any theory is interesting to me - I don't know if anyone else finds this new or interesting too.)
Anyway, for anyone contemplating ART, it is very painful I think, though nothing like the pleasure I experienced having my right foot frozen before the Ossatron treatment (for those of you who remember my lurid description of that). I suppose the amount of pain depends on how long you've had pf and how much accumulated scar tissue needs to be pushed and loosened.I was certainly sweating a fair bit, and yelped once or twice.I must say though there's something about it I like. Which may tell you all something about me you don't want to know. But it does feel like it's a good thing to be doing,this hard pushing on these often incredibly tense feet. The afternoon after my first session two days ago I did have a period of time in which my feet felt suddenly more relaxed than usual. Didn't really feel that way today. I'm hoping for more but I suspect this may turn out to be like the less forceful massage and general physical therapy routines I've tried before, which were sometimes soothing but did nothing to rid me of the underlying problem.
As for the Ossatron effect, four weeks after the procedure I can't say I've noticed any diffence. The spots in my heels that became sore due to the treatment are less painful every day, but my pf is behaving so far in the same way and with the same intensity as before.