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Re: Is it PF? Yep! Just like the rest of us!

Posted by Lyndel on 11/29/99 at 00:00 (013193)


It's a bum rap Bryan but you have what most of the rest of us have. I've not been on this board for about 6 months now as I'm getting use to my feet pain. Both feet and have had it about 3 years now. From what it sounds like, it's a permanent thing and you will find yourself cutting WAY back on the activities that require the use of your feet. I find myself kneeling on anything available when standing around just talking to people. I sit when ever possible and try and get off my feet when ever I can. I'm VERY lucky that I have a job where I mostly drive and sit on my butt. I dread the day I have to look for another job because my options are now very limited as compared to before the PF. I use to be active hiking, biking, skiing, and all the stuff you do out here in the great outdoors of Montana. Now the tree huggers want to shut off all public lands to ATV's and that's about the only way I get to see the back country anymore. Heck, I use to complain about people who used the handicaped parking spaces and then watch them walk into the store looking perfectly fit. Now when I goto the store, I wish I could park in that handicaped parking space because by the time I reach the store front, my feet are already giving me waring signs. Maximum time I can be on my feet anymore is about 1 to 2 hours and then I'm done for a week! Bryan, this is a whole new life you're gonna have to adjust to. The orthotics (sp?) really do work. I've got the hard plastic sport ones that cost $360 and they took about 6 months to get use to. I also found out that the right kind of shoes makes all the difference in the world!!! The only shoe that works for me are the Roper Horseshoes (yep, I'm the cowboy type) They look like a hightop tennis shoe and are very supportive. They are about 100 times more supportive than my Merril hiking boots were and lasted about twice as long!

Enough of my drivel :) Lyndel