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heelspurs.com privacy statement

Posted by Scott R on 11/29/99 at 00:00 (013208)

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Heelspurs.com Privacy Statement

Email addresses posted to the message boards have not been used for junk email purposes by heelspurs.com, but they may be gathered against heelspurs.com's wishes by 3rd parties. This is a standard method by which lists of email addresses are compiled for sending junk email to internet users. Email addresses gathered by heelspurs.com surveys are used only to verify the uniqueness of the responses and not for any other purpose unless explicitly and clearly stated. Messages sent to scott @ heelspurs . com and posted to the message board are stored and may be compiled in the future to send an email, but so far this has been done only to contact certain groups such as physical therapists, nurses, mail carriers, and doctors for research purposes. The message boards at heelspurs.com are less private than other message boards on the internet because Host ID, time, and client data are recorded and displayed with each message posted. This is done so that users and product advertisers who abuse the message boards can be tracked and identified. Displaying Host ID means the internet service provider can be identified. Displaying client data means the web browser and operating system of the computer posting the message can be identified. This information is available to all web sites, but heelspurs.com is unusual in that all other visitors to the site can see the information. The Host ID, time, and client data may not be a direct security risk to the user, but as with any other information, it may be used to leverage more private information. For example, knowing a user's Host ID sometimes can identify the city from which the user is connecting which increases the possibility that other information (such as telephone number, address, employment, and local licenses issued) can be determined.

As a service to visitors, if the 'view messages since your last visit' link in the message board area is clicked, a cookie records the number of the last message that was posted. The next time the link is clicked, the cookie is read and rewritten with the new number so that the user will be able to view only the messages since the last time the link was clicked. Some authorities consider cookies a privacy risk because they record on the user's computer when and where the cookie was used and the data it collected. Other internet sites are not supposed to be able to access this data. Other users of the same computer are able to view the cookies used (and thereby know when and where the other users of the computer have been and the data collected) unless the cookie files are deleted. The cookie data heelspurs.com records is only a number, so it is considered a minimal cookie risk. This is the only cookie currently in use.

If you have questions or comments pertaining to this privacy policy, please email

heelspurs.com reserves the right to change the privacy policy from time to time. A revised policy will apply to information collected after the date the policy is changed.