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Macro lens?

Posted by VLJ on 11/30/99 at 00:00 (013242)

Hi Steve
I'm a professional photographer...gardens, landscapes and people, with an occasional wedding thrown in to pay the bills...had to stop completely for two years because of the pf. Have you got a macro lens? After the pf put me on crutches I would go out into my garden on my hands and knees and rediscovered a marvelous world of close-up photography. It didn't pay the bills, but it was a joy...a re-discovery...I came to botanical photography twenty years ago through a close-up lens. Anyway, it is just a suggestion.
Another suggestion: Do you enjoy writing? YOur story could let you vent and perhaps a journal of some sort would buy it.
You've got a great spirit! Thanks for telling your story and I hope the light returns.