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Alan K, General stuff

Posted by Gordon on 12/04/99 at 00:00 (013363)


Since your condition sounds much the way mine used to and you appear open to trying new things I'm interested in what you are trying specifically.

I know you have been trying the leaky gut approach but I'm not sure if you are combining that with aerobic activity. I know it is difficult to do much when you can't be on your feet and it takes several weeks to feel the changes but it has definitely helped me.

Somtimes when my feet would bother me the most I would just go lie down and exercise the pain away.

For exercising I spend the first 5-10 minutes doing warm-ups and then stretches. I find that stretches can cause more problems if I'm not warmed up first.

I don't actually do that much exercise for my feet other than loosening up and strecthing. Rather I focus on exercising teh parts opf my body that are working the best knowing the at the blood will pump better to all areas.

I intertwine stretches and loosening up exercise in my routines and have found that the calf strecthes are most efective when I put a twist on the 'new' rules. For one, I often do lightweight single hand curls (in both hands) while doing my calf stretches. You need good balance to do this and I would not try it until your feet are much better. My theroy is that you get more out of the stretch if you have blood and oxygen pumping hard. That is not to say you bounce on the strech but you stretch one part of the body while moving another. I know this is against the yoga type theory but I learned this fro some advanced therapy people that practise continous movement while stretching.
Although this is not going to tranform your feet overnight and may not even be the best idea for all it works for me.

Then I do all kinds of leg raises and situps lots with lots of variations to get as much as I can. Then I use small weights on my kneees and back eventually building up to about 40-50 lb curls etc.

Nowdays I do a lot of my routine on my feet but I find that I still must do the exercises every morning for 45 minutes to keep things normal. I see it as a positive thing because now I'm am forced to stay in shape for the rest of my life.
I highly recomend you try the arobic activity with the diet.

It took a long time (many months) to get to where I'm at but I find that setbacks that used to take a week to recover from seem to take a one or two good workouts now.

I still take the Jaro Dophilus an VIT C and E.
and keep the sweets and atuff to a min.