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My program (plus breath flow pointer)

Posted by alan k on 12/05/99 at 00:00 (013367)

At this point I have eliminated all white rice, wheat, barley, oat, rye, diary (except eggs), vinegar, and fermented foods from my diet. As well as all NSAIDs. For carbs, I have one or two small portions a day, puffed brown rice in morning or wild rice later. The rest is vegetables (low-carb compliant),beans and soy, fish, chicken, and natural grown meat.

I take a lot of suplements-- liver support (for dealing with toxicity), Primal Defense biotics (a cocktail of dophiluses, I also take some others), FOS (a vegetable 'sugar' which yeast can't eat but good bacteria love, it's also sweet if you open the capsules but expensive as a sugar substitute), aloe vera juice (aids mucous membrane in intestines), glutamine and glucosamine (gluc supports intestines-- maybe that's why glucosamine helps people with arthritis!) and vitamins C and E.

Unfortunately, even though I was quite into exersize before, somehow, as you may have suspected, I have not kept it up. I agree wholeheartedly that blood flow is a total body thing (how could it not) and must be important for healing. I would add to that-- and here Gordon might finally get some help from me for a change-- that breath flow is just as important.

BREATH: It should be synchronized with the motions in exersize, except of course in rapid motions. The breath should flow evenly and deeply through the nose-- its okay to deliberately manipulate this-- and the back of the throat held slightly tense so as to cause an audible but not loud hissing sound, like Darth Vader. This is a yoga breath done throughout a yoga session and it increases the 'heat' in the body, which in yoga means both blood flow and 'prana' flow (like chi or energy or whatever-- the important thing is the 'heat'). This will help with what you are trying to achieve in your excersize.

The other things I do are toe crunches, towel curls, stretching, and nights splints, which appear to help a bit. Also I ice occasionally and never take a step in the morning without soaking in hot water first.

I have recently acquired the GNC pro messager for $55, and it's pretty neat. I'm taking it easy at first though. Also, I have a cheap electrode thing called Dr. Ho's muscle message (cheap compared to tens) which uses a double a battery and delivers little shocks and tingles-- I haven't seen that it helps but somehow the tingling feels good.

That's my program, plus a 70 hr a week job. Sometimes I do sit ups and leg raises and push ups and a little yoga, but I should exersize more, and will soon.

RESULTS: I am definitely off my peak pain, and can do things like walk around a store forup to fifteen minutes. I'm pretty functional now but still I can't stand still on my feet for more than a minute, or do any kind of normal exersize, etc. The pain is bearable so long as I don't push it. I dream of practicing yoga again.
The diet resulted in more pain for the first week-- a good sign of its relevance-- and I'm not sure if it is helping or not but I lost some weight and I feel my mind is sharper, so I'm happy.

alan k