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Recent Shoe Purchase: Ryka for Women & shoe advise!

Posted by terri p on 12/05/99 at 00:00 (013373)

I bought a brand new Ryka running shoe. Although it will be a long while till I can run again (I've been on crutches for a little over a month now), my old Asics cross-trainer gels were wearing out. Has anyone out there used Ryka's? So far I'm satisfied because the fit is almost perfect, the heel support and wide room on the toe area is great.

And generally, I'm wondering if purchasing a Spenco 3/4 heel support would be advisable. I've put off buying the Spenco's - two reasons, one big one is my reluctance to buy it, and two, they are very difficult to buy. I've also made several calls to major sporting good stores and they don't have the 3/4 on stock or they don't have any heel supports.

Last question but not least, what is the difference between HEEL SUPPORTS and HEEL CUSHIONS? Sometimes I'm convinced that I confuse myself but I can't seem to get a better idea of one or the other. Actually, with this search, I have not seen what a HEEL SUPPORT even looks like. If anyone out there has ordered them online, please let me know (I've not been able to drive & the computer is my option top purchase things)!

Thank you in advance for any advise or opinions shared!